Reppo II – the boombox backpack

REPPO2_backpack.jpgIndustrial design student Joonas Saaranen added his view on the 21st Century boom box by creating the Reppo II backpack with a pair of full-range speakers and an amplifier.

Unlike the growing number of sound backpacks we have covered so far, the Reppo II is a urban hardshell backpack with conventional speakers as compared to the more softer speaker technology provided by NXT.

Nevertheless, the sound quality of the Reppo II should be better and more powerful than the soft panel speaker with NXT technology but one has to make a choice between softness and a lighter backpack versus more sound power and a heavier hard-shell backpack.

Saaranen has no plan yet to commercialize the Reppo II concept so we do not need to make that choice any time soon between soft or hard, the Reppo II is a one off prototype based on his vision and a small scale focus group testing.

Hard-shell backpacks are not new and have their fans. Adding a power sound function is not as far fetched as it might sound but … we like the soft, more flexible type of technology integrated into bags and clothing.

[Joonas Saaranen via technabob]

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