The world’s largest collection of e-textile materials

Portable-eTextile-Electronics-Lab Adrian Freed, Research Director of UC Berkeley’s Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) compiled the self-proclaimed ‘world’s largest collection of e-textile materials and associated tools‘ and having spend a very long time browsing through the collection I can confirm his proclamation.

Adrian pioneered many new applications of mathematics, electronics and computer science to audio, music and media production tools. His recent work is centered around sharing new techniques for rapid prototyping interactive devices employing electro textiles next to other emerging materials.

The CNMAT Resource Library he build up contains sections for sensors, gestural controllers, interface devices, tools, prototypes a materials section with many links to eTextile resources.

The huge collection of sensors and other UI techniques is highly interesting as design concepts based on wearable electronic technologies are often centered around user interfacing, using clothing to interact with electronics either integrated into garments or the garment serves as interface for connected portable devices.

After having created the CNMAT Resource Library Adrian set out to compile the Portable eTextile Electronics Labthe smallest winning subset that can form a portable lab‘ which could be used as textile designer’s survival kit – so to speak.

You can add your comments and suggestions to this project directly to Adrian’s blog page and help to make the Portable eTextile Electronics Lab perfect.

PS: due to my hectic travel schedule lately I was not able to keep up with daily posting. Now I’m back at home base and the daily talk2myShirt articles will be up again.

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