eTextile DIY community – LilyPond

LilyPond-eTextilesThe high-low tech team at MIT under the lead of eTextile innovator Leah Buechley started a very interesting project called LilyPond, a eTextile Web community and place for collaboration and sharing of eTextile projects.

LilyPond is aiming to pond the LilyPad community and to provide support for people who want to design and create soft, interactive circuits with the LilyPad Arduino toolkit.

Currently there are over 60 projects posted on the LilyPond site with a short description. The tutorial and resource pages are not yet in operation.

The LilyPond project team Leah Buechley, Emily Lovell, Kanjun Qiu and Linda Delafuente created a site which will become over time a great place to find infos around eTextile materials and techniques and a place to share eTextile designs with the community.

Even though some of the site’s functions are not yet available, browsing through the many project intros already available will serve as inspirational trip through the e-Textile world.

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