Retro Fashion – Burton Amp Pack for the retro iPod

Burton_Amp_Backpack.jpgRetro Fashion in Wearable Electronic is something new as Wearable Electronic is not that long around but I think the Burton Amp Pack deserves the label ‘retro fashion’. The Amp Pack was the first backpack with integrated textile iPod controls ever launched in the market (in Feb 2006) . That was before we started talk2myShirt!

Since then many other iPod enabled packs from Burton and other brands followed. Among all those many models I have seen, my favorite in style and coolness is still the Amp Pack with the Black Faux Croc Leather finish. It looks cool on girls and boys alike, the perfect pack for the city life style. This model is by far the best interactive backpack Burton has ever launched.

The iPod remote control on the shoulder strap is based on the SOFTswitch remote system that gives you complete control of your iPod’s playback functions.

One note for caution: being a Wearable Electronic retro fashion item, the Amp works only with iPod’s up to Generation 4 that have the headphone jack with a little slot next to it. This Amp Pack will not work with the newer iPods like Nano, Shuffle, Video iPod or iPod Touch.

You need go retro with your iPod as well. Nevertheless, if you still have one of those older iPod models on hand and are on the look out for a real cool backpack, the Amp Pack is something you might consider.

Music in your ear might be the price drop from $239.90 at the time of introduction down to $107.96 as seen on this online store or on that online store.

Retro in fashion is something that has been around for many years but with the addition of technology there can be some consequences like in this case where the technology (iPod) is not available anymore. I am not saying this is a problem but it is a point to watch out when buying Retro Interactive Fashion.


  1. Really cool bagpack, unfortunately I can’t find anywhere to buy it :-( (where shipping to denmark is possible)

  2. Hi Peter,
    It’s been so long since you had posted your comment on this backpack, so I’m not sure if you are still interested, but I have one in California. Please let me know if you want to have mines. I used the backpack for only 2 times. I’m thinking to sell it on ebay if I don’t hear from you. Thanks,

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