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DIY-eTextiles_soft-potentiometerRiccardo Marchesi started around a year ago the online shop Plug and Wear to provide the eTextile community with a one-stop-shop offering eTextile designer a large selection of materials for wearable electronic projects.

The relative new area of wearable electronic with it’s specific eTextile components does not yet have a structure of well established resources, online and offline, such as electronics, knitting, sewing or textiles offer to the DIY community.

Over the past 12 month Riccardo not only managed to get a good selection of components into the Plug and Wear shop, he added sections offering very interesting Tutorials to demonstrate and inspire people who plan to design eTextile projects.

The Tutorials from Riccardo offer simple to follow step by step instructions documented with many photos and a detailed explanation about the underlying theory providing a solid background knowledge of eTextile components and materials. Equipped with these information one can build own projects rather than simply replicate the introduced example.

Point in case: the recently added Soft Potentiometer tutorial with a guide to build an analog input component using a metal ring and knitted, conductive ribbon. Sliding up or down the ribbon length can be used to control the light intensity of a connected LED, volume adjustment for an Audio player and similar, variable input requiring designs.

The Soft Potentiometer is available at Plug and Wear as Kit including the knitted conductive ribbon and the metal ring.

A interesting variant for a soft, textile based interface for wearable electronic designs.

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