perCushion – the pillow to make phone calls

perCushion.jpgViennese design label URBAN TOOL is presenting again during this years CeBIT in Germany the innovative pillow that connects with the cell phone wirelessly via Bluetooth and enables you to pick up the call while relaxing on the soft and ergonomic cushion.

Almost a year ago the perCushion made it’s first appearance at the CeBIT in Germany. Since then it seems URBAN TOOL was busy to figure out how to make it into a commercial product.

The perCushion – as this high-tech pillow is called – is still not on the shelf yet but should be ready in time for this years Christmas at a price of 349.00 EUR or $535.73

‘We love the challenge to attract the international market with creativity and completely new ideas – especially as a smaller company’, says Anja Herwig, CEO of URBAN TOOL.

perCushion_colors.jpgSome facts & features: Bluetooth pairing, pick up/end call, volume control, an integrated rechargeable battery that gives 8 hours of talk time and 300 hours standby.

The pillow cover is washable and will be available in two styles: Black and Mood.

The perCushion is communication that centers around emotion and closeness, a unconventional match unifying emotion and IT, opening up a new world of ’emotional electronics’.

Before the end of this year I will finally be able to talk2myPillow 😉


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