Bargain hunting: O’Neill Ent and CommEnt Jackets

Ent_Jacket_women.jpgWinter season is almost over but it’s the time you can pick up great bargains. One of such pick-up opportunity are the O’Neill h4 Wearable Electronic jackets.

O’Neill launched the most advanced Wearable Electronic range for the Fall/Winter season 2007/08 with the h4 collection of Entertainment and Communication Entertainment Jackets.

The Ent. Jacket is specifically made for your iPod and You when out and about to enjoy snow boarding, skiing or just need to stay warm during the colder times.

The Comm. Ent. Jackets adds to a generic MP3 player control in the jackets sleeve the chatting communication function.

A microphone in the jacket’s wind flap and the Bluetooth connection between the phone and the MP3 player. Music playback is automatically paused in the event of an incoming call.

With the Comm. Ent. Jacket you are always connected and can chat your way down the hill 😉

Here are some links we found great bargains for the h4 Jacket range:
Comm. Ent. Jacket (men) for $332.97 by
Ent. Jacket for (men) $221.97 by

A bit more expensive but still a good price:
Ent. Jacket for (men) for $299.63 by
Ent. Jacket for (women) for $299.63

This prices are almost 50% lower than the introduction price of the h4 range, a real bargain for these cool looking snow jackets that will look cool next season as well.

If you have other sources for great bargains of the h4 range, drop us a line in the comments and share with our readers.

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