North Skirt

North-SkirtSoft electronic innovator Meredith Scheff, we posted about her Sew-through circuit board, showed her latest creation the North-Skirt during the eTextile Fashion Show @ Maker Faire in May.

Based on the North-Paw kit from Sensebridge and her newly developed StarBoards, the North Skirt has vertical rows of LEDs whereby the row which is pointing to the North will light up.

Turn around and you ignite a sparkle on the skirt. Simple but visually very appealing. Check out the Make Magazine YouTube video and see the North Skirt in action.

I like direction reacting animations on clothing, the type of interactivity that (re)acts on the environment, in this case the wearers position to the magnetic North Pole.

A detailed overview of the ‘making-off’ can be found via steampunkworkshop – interesting and inspirational.

As interesting as the design concept of the North Skirt are the StarBoards Meredith developed, based on her experiments with flexible, sew-through circuit boards.

The StarBoards (I love the name) offer an easy way to make soft circuit projects. StarBoards are flexible, iron-on PCBs allowing to sew through with a sewing machine and conductive thread to connect SMD components to the eTextile circuit. They can also be soldered on directly with regular wire or hand stitched.

Because you sew right through the pads, the connection is made with the stitch and it minimizes the need for knotting the thread.


Best of all, Meredith is offering the StarBoards via her Etsy Shop or a StarBoard beta kit ready to use for your eTextile design.

Once again, thanks Lynne for pointing me to this amazing design.

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