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Light-Bright-LED-VestClothing – Light animation – LEDs – that’s the trend right now in the high-tech fashion world. We have seen in yesterdays posting how beautiful and magical illuminated clothing can be.

At the eTextile Fashion Show @ Maker Faire last month a Light Bright guy named Erik Johnson has shown his version of illuminated clothing, a complex DIY fabrication of a total of 1,536 three color (RGB) LEDs.

Erik who is a Software developer by profession with highly creative electronic interest took on the challenge to create a full body covering flexible display based on a LED matrix.

On his Website Light Bright you can check out the ‘making off’ the LED vest, shirt, dress – there are many names Erik collected from the feedback he got wherever he shows off his creation.

I am amazed and fascinated by the simplicity this project has been put together and although it won’t win a beauty contest it did win my appreciation. He created a flexible display with simple electronic components using for example gardening mesh as the backbone for the LED matrix.

Alexa Smith from artfuture published an interview she did after the  eTextile Fashion Show with Erik Johnson. Check out the interview and learn the secrets of the flexible LED Panel Suit.

Erik didn’t start out to design a wearable display but after he wrapped around his body the flexible display panels, pulled a shirt over it and saw the amazing reactions of people around he got a motivational boost and kept on improving the display. His next plan is to create a full body suit with video footage or text scrolling around.

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  1. Awesome, Eric I just happened to randomly search the intertubes for any new blurbs about it and here I am!
    But wait! “…it won’t win a beauty contest…” are you saying it’s ugly? 😛 I kid I kid.
    Alas yeah It’s nothing to look at in the light. The circuit/design is extremely simple though time-consuming but the reaction is priceless!

    I have been taking many many photos of each step in the fabrication and testing process and am planning to compile them in a time-lapse video. As well as upload a few of the individual photos on my website to annotate and give more insight.

    Thanks again!

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