Reware ProFolio – Solar power bag for business

ProFolio.jpg Reware made a big impression in the solar bag market last June with the introduction of the Beach Tote, an outstanding practical and stylish beach tote with solar charging function.

This year, Reware is giving the solar power to the business people that can only dream from being on the beach right now.

The ProFolio is a roomy attaché, good and solid looking, not too fancy – it’s after all for business purpose that gives your laptop, iPod and Blackberry a comfortable and protective home with charging capability while rushing from one meeting to the other on sunny days.

Laptop charging will not be possible based on the power rating of the solar panel but all your other electronic stuff will be charged fine. You do need to have an car-charger adapter for your device like iPod or PDA as Reware’s bags use the car-charger plug as their standard connector.

It’s easy from their perspective but not everyone owns a car-charger for the iPod and others so make sure you have or buy one when picking up the ProFolio.

Having said this, the ProFolio is an OK bag that can give you the extra minutes to finish your all important business call. Better save that sorry.

You can get this classic briefcase for and introductory price of $299.00 directly from Reware’s online store.

If you have a bit (more) money to spare you might hold off right now and wait for the Voltaic Generator brief case that can power even your laptop but it will set you back by $599.00

As always, the choice is yours we only point you in the right direction 😉


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