Safura – Illuminated Drip-Drop dress

Safura-LED-Dress Cute Circuit seems to have found a bright spot in the showbiz by designing gorgeous looking, illuminate stage wear for artists.

The latest design from Francesca Rosella is a gorgeous looking illuminated dress worn by singer Safura, representing Azerbaijani at the Eurovision 2010 song contest.

The deep blue chiffon dress is equipped with small LEDs creating a multicolor display by amplifying the concept of the live scenery of the ‘Drip Drop’ stage act. A fabulous example how to include a performers dress into the light show on stage.

The theme of the song, which is visualized via the stage light design, is the element of water, from lonely drops to a powerful rainfall to a stormy ocean in line with the lyrics of Safura’s song ‘Drip Drop’.

The color play of the LEDs in the dress is activated via a wireless signal in sync with the deep blue hues symbolizing the living flow of the ocean at one point to a hot red glow visualizing the emotions in the song.


Get captivated from the mystic of the ocean and the LED dress  – watch the video below and see the full sparkle of this dress towards the end when Safura walks down the catwalk.

A BIG Thank You to our talk2myShirt fans, especially in and around Europe, we got over 200 emails since late Saturday pointing to this fabulous dress seen by a multi-million Eurovision audience in and outside Europe.

Although Safura didn’t win the contest she definitely won the talk2myShirt Best-Dress award at the Eurovision 2010 together with Francesca Rosella and Cute Circuit for the Best Dress Design.

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The dress that Safura wore at Eurovision 2010 was fabulous! Is it sold anywhere? Or something close?

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