Hussein Chalayan Haute Tech Fall Winter 08/09

chalayan_bigbangdress.jpg Hussein Chalayan is the favorite designer of talk2myShirt as you can see on the extensive coverage we have done of his exiting creations on the Wearable Electronic side of his collections.

Chalayan is very consistent in proving again and again his love and artistic virtuosity in fusing high fashion with high technology.

I was already wondering what Chalayan has up his sleeve in this weeks ‘Ready-to-Wear’ Paris Fashion week and to me great relieve at the end, two models came out orbited by light points.

The moving spots of light symbolize the big-bang, the beginning of the universe. Chalayan is attracted to light, it’s is third creation of living, moving light incorporated into a dress.

First the LED dress where the light was coming from inside, then the Sparkling Laser dress where light reflected and exploding from crystals and now the ‘Big-Bang’ dress where lights orbiting the center of the universe – that means you the wearer of such dress 😉

Note: all names of the dresses are my invention and no claim on my side they are correct.

Of course we found a video clip on YouTube (where else?) showing the ‘Big-Bang’ dress at the end of Chalayan out-of-this-world fashion show:

If you are in a hurry, go to the middle of the video where you can see the dresses in question.

HC_big_bang_dress.jpgThere is certainly a trend visible – so to speak – to light up our clothing considering the many attempts to integrate light into jackets for visual affects like Kanye West or for information like O’Neill’s NavJacket.

Being a fashion artist, Chalayan is of course pushing the boundaries of ‘wearable’ but it’s the freedom of designers of his format to keep on pushing the rest towards more creative use of new materials to be used for our pleasure or maybe even function.

What’s left for us now is to find out who was the technical wizard again behind this creation? Any tip who could be behind the scene of this light spectacle is very welcome in the comments.


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