The power of fabric

Solar-power-textilesRegular reader of talk2myShirt will know my special love of having Solar power in my bags.

I am fascinated from the possibility flexible, super thin solar panels which can be seamless integrated into fabrics without altering it, allowing applications conventional, glass based solar panels with a rigid metal frame do not offer.

A comprehensive overview of the power of fabrics can be found at ‘Specialty Fabrics Review‘. The article investigates the use of flexible, thin film solar panels incorporated into fabrics used for awnings and other shade structures.

Although we love sun shine, too much at certain places is also not desirable so we use sun shades on our terraces, in our gardens, in parks, on the beach and many other places.

Fitting these sun shade with solar power generating fabrics is a win-win solution. Sun shade structures are used when the sun showers us with it’s full energy and at the same time these shade spending objects don’t just reflect but harvest the energy for our use electrical power hungry gadgets.

The latest generation of solar power enhanced awning fabrics even use part of their self generated sun energy to power a sensor and motor to detect when no sun is shining to fold and unfold again when the sun is at it’s full power potential.

Unlike bags with the limited space for solar panels, awnings and other shade structures offer a large area able to generate significant amounts of electrical energy.

The article contains a list of companies that start offering sun management systems based on solar powered textiles in time for this years sunny summer season.

For me it seems like a logical and environmental conscious option to use sun power generating textile awnings or tents or sheets that can be stored and easily transported in a bag and put up at the beach or garden to get some shade and extra charge for our growing number of indispensable gadgets.

[source: Speciality Fabrics Review]

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