DIY – Light Up Cycling Jersey

Light_up-Cycling-JerseyRiding a bicycle by night, especially in areas with street lights far apart requires good lighting on the bike. To increase the visibility and with it the safety of bikers, illumination of a bikers clothing is a wise choice only – there are very few commercial products on the market.

Most biking enthusiasts know first hand how important good visibility is and resort to DIY to get what the market is not yet offering – active illuminated biking shirts.

The most advanced design – functionally – comes from Insturctables member dmallen. He designed the ‘Light Up Cycling Jersey‘ to draw attention to the rider, to indicate with light signals when he/she is accelerating or slowing down or turning.

When riding with constant speed the lights will stay on constantly but if there is a change in speed, especially important when slowing down or making a turn, the lights will start flashing.

This design uses two types of light sources, LEDs and EL wires which are controlled by the LilyPad-Light Sensor, LilyPad-Accelerometer and Lilypad-Arduino. Yeah – this smart Jersey will switch on automatically when it gets too dark and extra visibility is needed for save cycling.

The jersey is designed to allow the detachment of element like EL wiring and batteries for a safe washing of the jersey.

A very complex but also very smart Cycling Jersey but with the instructions from dmallen, including the LilyPad source-code, the somewhat experienced eTextile seamstress will have no problem to make a smart and save cycling jersey.

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