QIO Systems and Cotswold Industries team up for a hot 2008 Wearable Electronic year

QIO_Cotswold1.jpg2008 is getting a hot year for Wearable Electronics, not only because Solar bags are a hot trend, not only because we have predicted this in our 2008 New Years forecast and the many other recent announcements made in the first few weeks of 2008 but because todays news might be dynamite with the potential to change the Wearable Electronic world – big time.

According an early heads-up (thanks J & J) we learned that QIO Systems, the wearable electronics spin-out of Eleksen, has agreed to a joint sales and marketing agreement with Cotswold Industries. Cotswold will resell QIO’s full line of accessory electronics designed for iPod and Bluetooth devices and Eleksen’s ElekTex® touch pads directly to apparel customers worldwide.

The reason for my excitement: Cotswold brings a truly global capability to the wearable electronic market. With a global logistics team already focused on providing millions of items each year to some of the globe’s top brands like Levi Strauss, The Gap, VF Corporation, Abercrombie & Fitch and others, Cotswold has the power, resources and a proven reputation to deliver with a world class customer service.

‘All of our customers are interested in this space …’ remarked James McKinnon, CEO of Cotswold Industries, ‘We’re so excited to be the organization to take QIO’s solutions to the mass market. Our goal is to embed an ElekTex touch pad in every outerwear garment within the next 10 years.’

I think the 10 year time frame from James McKinnon is on a very conservative side considering the competence of QIO’s Wearable Technology and the 50 years of experience in the garment business from Cotswold.

This mix of competences is dynamite and if it ignites we all know what’s happening: an explosion of the Wearable Electronic market :-)

For the full press release please visit our main site.

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