DIY – Wireless Dance Costume

Wireless_Dance_CostumeInteractive clothing is attracted the interest of performers who are experimenting with the possibilities technology enhanced costumes to add a new dimension of interaction to their shows.

You might say this is not new, costumes have always been one of the attention points of performances. Yes, this is correct but by embedding technologies these costumes can create their own activity, interacting with the performer instead of being passive, an eye candy or a static representation.

Wearable technologies, in itself mostly in the experimental stage, have been adopted by the highly creative area of art and performance.

The creators and designers of experimental, interactive costumes often share their creation to inspire others to build upon, to add their creative line.

The Instructable of the ‘Wireless Dance Costume‘ is a team work of Eric Lindsay (Composer), Amy Burrell and Jay Garst (Costume Designer), Utam Moses (Choreographer) and Benjamin Zaitlen and Alex Jacobs (Software and Hardware Design).


Using LilyPad components and XBee together with pressure and flex sensors and connecting everything with conductive thread will detect and transmit the movements and interactions of a dancer or a group of  dancer between them or to a ‘base station’ which can use the signals of the individual dancers to generate sound, change the lighting in sync with the movements or trigger light or other costume transforming actions on other dancers.

Interactive – with emphasis on active – stage wear will add another dimension to the special effects like stage lightning, sound and all the other visual and audible stimulus techniques choreographer use to captivate, to fascinate the audience.

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