Soft Circuit Saturdays

Soft-Circuit-SaturdaysWhat better day than our ‘usual’ Saturday posting around DIY eTextile project to introduce ‘Soft Circuit Saturdays‘ from Angela Sheehan, who is organizing¬† a DIY/Maker crafting group around soft circuits in New Hampshire/Boston area.

Angela discovered her interest into e-textiles, craft technology and wearable computing during her time at Bennington College.

Her research and interest led to a project called REACTIVEfashion, a collaboration with Rebecca Grabman by experimenting with eTextile in the context of interactive costumes.

The ‘Soft Circuit Saturdays’ is a paradise to DIY eTextile enthusiasts, full of information, tutorials, links to other resources and most important – the ‘Soft Circuit Saturdays’ event calendar and workshop postings.

For our international readership that can not attend in person one of Angela’s ‘Soft Circuit Saturdays’¬† I can highly recommend to add this site to the bookmarks and use it as inspirational source whenever you plan your next eTextile project.

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