O’Neill NavJacket video

NavJacket.jpgI found a video clip on YouTube about the NavJacket O’Neill announced in December last year which shows how this display on the jacket sleeve will work.

If O’Neill is pulling this out of their sleeve later this year and offers the NavJacket for sale it might be one of the most expensive jackets but considering the advanced technology that has to go into it, it will be nevertheless a perfect buy for the early adopter among our readers.

So far, O’Neill has delivered what they announced and there is no reason they will not do that again this time.

To refresh your memory, the NavJacket has a flexible LED display integrated into the jacket sleeve which shows directional icons and arrows to direct skiers down the slopes. In addition, speakers in the hood provide the wearer with audio navigational instructions.

The NavJacket will also connect to your phone through which it can deliver 3D views of the resorts as well as points of interest around the resort.

The integration of flexible displays in clothing is still in its early stage and O’Neill will be the first brand to launch it in the consumer market.

Check out the video clip below taken by a YouTube member during the ispo winter 08 in Munich:

O’Neill created their own promotional video and a website for the NavJacket, follow this link and enjoy the viewing.

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