Book preview: Metamorphosis, the transformation of fashion

metamorphosisRiccardo over at Plug-and-Wear send me a book tip which I am more than glad to share: Metamorfosi / Metamorphosis by Elisabetta Cianfanelli and Stoffel Kuenen from the University of Florence, Department of Industrial and Fashion Design.

The book promises a high quality reading content around the metamorphosis, the transformation of the relationship between the industry and the consumers.

We are experience this transition from the traditional passive consumerism where people accepted what was served by the industry to an active involvement of consumers wishes, needs and expectations.

Collaboration between industry and universities, commerce and research combined with the tools and materials that current technologies provide offer higher degree of individualization of the end products.

This book uses the Italian fashion system as an example, an industry full of traditions yet full of opportunities offered by technological advancements in the textile sector.

Metamorfosi / Metamorphosis (the book is in dual language, Italian and English) presents a wide range of the latest interactive fashion designs in which a sensible, subtle application of state-of-the-art technologies extend the functional, expressive and communicative properties of fashion, resulting in metamorphic fashion.

Stoffel Kuenen studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft. He graduated with a Masters’ title Industrial Design Engineering in 2002 on a wearable, tangible social interaction product, in a project largely carried out in the Affective Computing group at the MIT MediaLab in Boston.

Elisabetta Cianfanelli is a graduate in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Florence.

Photos of some pages of this book with first impressions from Syuzi can be found on her Website Fashioning Technology.

You can order your copy via this link for € 25,60 (around $32.-)

I will follow up with a complete book review once I get my hands on ‘Metamorfosi / Metamorphosis

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