Textronics gives Smart Textiles and fitness apparel a new dimension

Textronixs_sensor.jpg Textronics Inc. the innovator and creator of the NuMetrex fitness apparel collection is giving the term ‘Smart Textiles’ and Heart rate monitoring for training, fitness and health care a complete new meaning.

Textronics has been recently awarded a patent for its textile-based electrode system by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

The patent is for stretchy textile electrodes that can be incorporated into wearable garments to comfortably monitor the wearer’s heart rate, ECG or other electrical activity of the body.

Almost at the same time Textronics received the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance to market its textile-based ECG Electrode for use in general electrocardiograph monitoring and recording procedures.

NuMetrex_apparel.jpgThat’s in layman’s term the confirmation of the almighty FDA that Textronics sweetly soft, stretchy and comfortable smart textile sensor is not just picking up some signals, it is a high quality and accurate sensor for ECG measurements.

The FDA approval opens the door for Textronics to enter with it’s textile electrode technology the health care market, where advances in technology enable people to monitor their biofeedback from the comfort of their own homes.

This recent announcements establish Textronics and its NuMetrex range of heart rate monitoring fitness apparel as the clear leader in this market.


  1. wow
    a big

    CONGRATS to..


    how about a tshirt that absorbs heat…

    that would be the best seller here in Philippines nOW!!

    so hot hot in here!

  2. Evening,

    Great post and I thought I’d add another comment. I love fitness and fighting stuff.

    Its an interesting topic and should be discussed. Ill check back soon for any added comments, thanks.

    It would be great to get this thread really active again!

    I have trained hard in the past with running etc in thew army but I have to say combining Q10 and swimming gets the best results.

    ALso with the latest in mdeical science and wholistic techniques I would not be supprised if life expectancy rose to 90+ years in the modern world.

  3. What a great design! I’ve never tried anything like this, and am excited to. It can’t get any easier than having your clothes actually monitor your heart rate! Id love to have no need for other outside devices and straps!

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