SmartCapThe SmartCap, an invention by Australian-based research organization CRC Mining to detect fatigue of truck drivers working on mining operations, is fitted with hi-tech brain monitoring sensors.

Invented by CRCMining engineer Dr Daniel Bongers, the SmartCap, a baseball cap with integrated EEG (brain waves) sensors that he developed do not need conductive gel but work through hair, determining an individual’s fatigue level.

The brain wave data are recorded and communicated using a wireless Bluetooth link to alert the driver and supervising station.

Fatigue at work, especially during nightshift and among long distance driver is a long standing problem, causing injuries and even deaths every year.

This unique EEG sensor which can be integrated into a cap is the least intrusive form of ensuring that drivers will use this monitoring concept.

A series of test that began in 2008 have shown the reliability and accurate of Dr Daniel Bongers SmartCap development. Further testing is carried out at this moment at the CRCMining operation to solidify the reliability.

The interest into wearable, sensible technologies attract the most innovative minds creating solutions to problems that have been considered as ‘given’ with no real idea how to solve it.

How many times has been the question raised of the usefulness of investigating into wearable technologies. The SmartCap from Dr Daniel Bongers is an excellent example to demonstrate the strength of merging clothing and technology.

[source: ACARP]

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  1. Does this field of knowledge have a name?
    It may ,in ime, validate the old ideas about ‘ESP’ and intuition and show how to command those haphazard occurences.

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