Bargain hunting: Spyder Groove Backpack

spyder_groove_backpack.jpg Spyder‘s Groove Backpack is a gorgeous looking pack, sleek yet sophisticated style, one of my favorites from the interactive bag department.

The interactivity is an on-board sound system, the whole front side is a large speaker working on the ‘exciter’ flat-speaker technology from NXT.

This stealth sound system fits perfectly into the Groove’s overall design. The pack just radiates sound without any hint of a speaker visible.

Like we said in our introduction of the Groove Backpack last October, this speaker technology might not give the ‘boomy’ punch off your tunes but the overall sound quality is very good.

Powered by 3x AAA batteries, the Groove will play for around 7 hours depending on the volume level you need for your action. You can plug into the Groove any audio player with a standard 3.5mm headphone connector.

With a volume of 25L and multiple compartments, the Groove Backpack takes not only great sound on-board but all the stuff you ever need in any situation.

At a price point of $ 119.95 during introduction, the Groove was already a value for money buy. During my window shopping on the internet – actually checking out our links to the online shops we post – I found a real bargain for the Groove Backpack: $69.00follow this link to see for yourself.

It will be hard to find another backpack looking that cool and has an integrated sound system for such a low price.

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