Eleksen gets a new home by QIO Systems

A few month ago the future of Eleksen and with it its ElekTex textile sensor technology that has made a huge impact in the Interactive apparel business in 2006/2007 was very uncertain to say the least.


The first re-emergence of Eleksen and its technology was in form of an acquisition of its assets and business by Peratch. The latest development in the Eleksen story seems to bring the know-how and competence of Eleksen and ElekTex back and stronger than ever.

The newly formed company QIO Systems™ gained in a deal with Peratech the worldwide exclusive license to the intellectual property and design rights for the electronics and textile touchpads of Eleksen and for the manufacture and sale of ElekTex textile touchpads for use in both consumer and commercial applications. In exchange, Peratech will take an equity shareholding in QIO Systems

QIO Systems will also acquire the rights to Eleksen’s eSystem merchandising programs and will be launching eSystem electronics at retail in time for the Back-to-School ’08 and Fall/Winter’08 fashion seasons. QIO Systems will be launching complete iPod control solutions and iPod-Bluetooth solutions in time to support outstanding customer demand. The company plans to bring a comprehensive range of eSystem electronics for sale at retail by the end of Q1 2009.

“This deal sets QIO Systems on the path to success. We’re committed to continuing Eleksen’s tradition of exceptional customer support and innovation in wearable electronics solutions,” remarked John Collins, President and CEO of QIO Systems, “It’s exhilarating to be back with the technology, relationships and customers we know so well.

The team at QIO Systems is being led by John Collins, CEO of QIO Systems and former VP of Marketing and Business Development at Eleksen, and Vassilis Seferidis, CTO of QIO Systems and former VP Product Management. John and Vassilis were responsible for the initial development of Eleksen’s wearable electronics product lines and the innovation which drove Eleksen to the top of the wearable electronics market. They are being joined at QIO System by several key Eleksen team members.

This arrangement is excellent news for the continuation and development of Interactive Fashion on a larger, industrial scale. We wish the new team lot of success and looking forward to write about many new and exiting Wearable Electronic products in the near future. That’s what we love and that’s what we are here for 😉

For more infos please check out the full report on our main portal.

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