Solar empowered Fashion

solarfashion.jpgFashion with function comes always to my mind if seeing those flexible solar panels in Bags and sometimes (like yesterday) even in Jackets.

Functional Solar Fashion is certainly the correct description when looking at the Noon Solar bag (on the left) where form and fashion is fused by solar power.

Voltaic (on the right) comes to my mind when thinking about function and innovation. They have been the first to combine bags with solar panels and offer the most advanced features in their extensive solar bag range.

Besides being a big fan of solar bags, I have another reason to direct your valuable attention to this topic again. I have found a nice video on YouTube that shows both solar bags, a Noon Solar model and a Voltaic model in action.

Have a look for yourself and see if this is something you might want to have too:

As for my part, I do not want to miss anymore the possibility to charge my iPod while hanging around in the sun with my DIY Solar bag.

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