Smart sensing backpack with Aniomagic eTextile components

DIY-wearable-electronicThe folks over at Aniomagic have made a weight sensitive backpack. Note the emphasis is on weight sensitive and not weight sensing.

Using Aniomagic’s fabulous smart eTextile components and a force sensitive resistor you can create a cool light animation on any bag.

It won’t tell you how much weight you are lugging around – at least not a very accurate measurement – but it allow to give some animated sparkle to bags as you carry around all your important stuff.

Maybe even integrated into jeans – at the bottom area – can light you up a bit every time you sit down.

To make this pressure sensitive light is easy with the Schemer components of Aniomagic and their detailed DIY instruction on their project site.


All you need is your imagination on where you could use this design concept. I love these little projects – easy to be done but full of potential to create unique charms for personalization – it’s something different as one can buy in those charm shops.

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