i-XPS SoundBox from Hercules protects your iPod from the elements

i_xps_soundboxIn anticipation of a soon approaching summer, our product introduction today is a splash-proof case to protect your iPod while on the pool or beach or everywhere your iPod could get unwanted contact with water.

The i-XPS SoundBox from Hercules is a splash-proof SoundCase that acts as a speaker thanks to the integrated NXT speaker technology.

Powered by two AAA batteries, the i-XPS is compatible with all iPods and MP3 players with a 3.5mm headphone connector.

Primarily designed for use with iPod nano and shuffle players, the i-XPS has a transparent window allowing access to menu controls while the built-in NXT mono speaker is on the back of the case.

The SoundCase comes handy if you want to listen to your tunes when relaxing next to the water on the pool or beach without wanting to use the earphones or share your tunes with friends next to you.

Being a splash-proof case it will also protect against sand and dust. A simple yet practical iPod/MP3 player protection which comes in three vibrant designs (from left to right): Stone, Spray and Splash.


Available by Amazon UK store for £17.91 ($35.12) but shipment for UK only :(

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