Implantable Electronics

Implantable-ElectronicA topic that goes one step further than Wearable Electronic: Implantable Electronic. Wearable of course but this new field of electronics g=does not stop on the skin, it goes under the skin.

For me, implantable electronic is as fascinating as wearable electronic as both aim to use cutting edge technologies to improve life quality. Wearable technologies in medical application, although a by far not really explored area, offers clearly demonstrable benefits.

Implantable Electronic in the medical field can be used for monitoring of vital signs like blood test and even could deliver pharmacy directly to the areas needed avoiding the ‘flush out’ treatment usually used today.

Tufts University biomedical engineer Fiorenzo Omenetto uses silk as the basis for implantable optical and electronic devices that could provide a clearer picture of what’s going on inside the body to help monitor chronic diseases or progress after surgery.

Collaborating with Kaplan and materials scientist John Rogers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Omenetto has produced implants that combine silk with flexible silicon electronics.

The group used silk films to hold in place arrays of tiny silicon transistors and LEDs, forming a possible basis for implantable devices. The advantage of the teams invention: it will degrade completely inside the body when the job is done unlike previously developed implants which have to be removed making incisions.

Implantable Electronic seems to be the next frontier, pushing the boundaries of wearable skin deep. A field I will certainly keeping an eye on in future reporting.

[TechnologyReview via GizmoWatch]

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