RedLine iPod Sound Bag – the coolest MacBook bag on the planet

Redline_iPod_soundbag.jpgStaying on the musical side, we have another great product to introduce, the RedLine iPod Sound Bag to enjoy listening to Kanye West from your iPod connected to this first class MacBook case via the ‘magic sound’ speaker from NXT.

That’s music in our ears in every aspect. The Sound Bag has a stylish design and connects with ALL iPods, that’s why it is only available via the Apple Store where all cool stuff on this planet can be found.

With a zipped front compartment the Sound Bag is RedLine’s vision for not only transporting but playing your iPod in one easy to carry design.

The speaker is completely, from the outside invisible, integrated into the bags structure thanks to NXT’s flat panel speaker technology.

To top off the coolness of this bag, the light will come on inside the bag and reveal more areas to store your iPod and other stuff. A neat addition that brings some light to the mess stuff inside of your bag.


The Redline iPod Sound Bag is available on the Apple store in UK for £79.95 ($ 156.90) a very reasonable price for the coolest MacBook bag I have ever seen, even without all the bells and whistles this Redline bag offers.

The perfect gear for the road warriors in Black on Black Unique Camo material Teflon coated with leather trim.

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