KlimaJack – self regulating climate inside a jacket

KlimaJackThe KlimaJack (Climate Jacket) research project, a collaboration between German clothing companies and universities under the lead of ITIV (Institute for Information Processing Technology) aims to create climate controlling wearable systems integrated into clothing.

Sensors integrated into the clothing’s fabric pick up vital body functions which are processed by miniaturized modules integrated in garments.

This research project which started two years ago and will be completed end of Feb 2011 will work out possible solutions for a wireless connection between the different modules.

The consortium wants to develop a technological platform for integration of electronic functions targeted to control and regulate cooling/heating into textiles.

Potential application areas are work wear for personnel exposed to extreme heat or clod environments like rescue workers, first respond teams, military but I could imagine also for some extreme sports wear.

Another interesting area will be the elderly population as the body temperature regulation is degrading with increasing age and these group of people could expect assistance from their clothing in keeping a save body climate even in the scorching summer sun or during chilly winter days.

An interesting project we will keep on monitoring and hope to see some results that can be moved into commercialization in not too distant future.

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