Kanye West features LED jacket during Grammy Award

Kanye_West_1.jpgTop rapper Kanye West collected four Grammy wins Sunday night during the Grammy Awards in LA.

The most striking (for our blog) is the stage outfit Kanye was sporting, a jacket with animated light effects on each side of the front.

I do love Kanye’s music and I do love the fact that Wearable Electronic is taking the stage again after the performance of OK Go last November.

OK Go’s interactive fashion designer was Moritz Waldemeyer but I couldn’t find out (yet) where Kanye West is ordering his stage outfit.

Guessing a bit and looking at the photos and the video (see below) as well as some hints mentioned on MTV, those displays are partly based on EL-wires (the horizontal lines) and on LED matrices that flash in the rhythm to a synthesizer.

Wearing a jacket with flashing LED lights and light-up shades, Kanye electrified ( literally) the show with a flashing post-apocalyptic take on “Stronger”. A perfect match of acoustical and visual effects.

The YouTube video below show Kanye and the illuminated jacket in action during the Grammy awards:

For Kanye West fans among our readers: West’s album snagged an award for best rap album and picking up wins for best solo performance, best rap song and best rap performance by a duo or group for his collaboration with Common.

Kanye loves glowing stuff as he writes on his blogI’m posting anything that glows’ and he for sure does love his cool jacket as he was wearing it fully animated while picking up the prize for Best Rap Album.

Once again, Wearable Electronic takes the center stage.


  1. The name of the company providing the Wearable LED’s/EL Wire in Kanye’s Jacket, Scarf and Glasses is NYX (www.nyxit.com). The name of the company providing the EL Wire outfits for the 2 on-stage DJ’s is Englighted (www.enlighted.com).

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