Charging station in a biker helmet

solar-helmetAccording to an article from SiliconIndia, students at Nirma University designed a helmet that doubles as electricity generator. How? Firstly there are solar panels covering the helmet converting solar energy into electrical energy.

As backup power generator for rainy days or after sunset the students Pragnesh Dudhaiya and Aalok Bhatt envision the use of wind turbines integrated into the helmet. Smart idea but I am not so sure if we can call this also practical as a wind turbine has some ‘moving parts’ that most likely will make some noise on/in your head when the turbines work full speed.

Personally I like very much the – I guess – flexible solar panel cover for biker helmets. Most of the time biking is done by reasonable good and sunny weather where solar energy is plentiful. Maybe this concept is not necessarily something city or short distance commuters will find useful but I have some friends who spend many hours and days on bike trips, preferable when the weather is fine, and complain about batteries running out in their GPS devices which they find essential on those extended trips.

Think about – in most countries helmets for bikers are mandatory so why not using that area on the helmets to something useful, giving an occasional charge to devices while far away from any power grid.

If you are interested into how wind turbine in a helmet could work, check out this design concept by Malaysian designer Wai Hoong Leng, the Wind-Helmet.

[via: Gizmowatch]


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