Zegna Solar-JKT spotted in the wild

Zegna announced in June last year the introduction of the Solar-JKT as part of the Zegna Sport range for Spring/summer 2008.


We still have Winter time but Zegna started selling the Solar-JKT in their shops in Hong Kong for around $ 1,050.- Not a bargain but Zegna is all about quality, style and innovation and not price.

The key innovation of the Solar-JKT is of course the integrated or let’s be more precise – attached – solar panel collar. According Zegna’s description, spending one hour in the sun gives for example power for 35 minutes talk-time on a cellphone, not too bad. Staying in the sun the whole day, you could talk forever.

The solar panel collar can be removed and used as separate solar charger at times the sun is too powerful to justify wearing a jacket.

iPod, PDA, cellphone are charged from the jackets battery via USB connector or with the adaptors included in the jacket for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola or Blackberry.

We have not found any online shop yet that has the Solar-JKT on offer so for the time being you have to make a shopping trip to Hong Kong to pick up the power jacket.

Solar_JKT_detail.jpgHaving seen the Solar-JKT, I am not sure if the use of solar panels in the collar is the best place on a jacket to collect solar energy. They are small and it will be difficult to have both panels fully exposed to the sun while wearing the jacket.

Well, at least Zegna delivers in time what they announced back in June last year and there is always hope for an improved version for next season.

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