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Love-ShirtThe month of May is often associated with Love like ‘love is in the air’ when nature awakes finally from the winter hyper-nation and starts it’s new love-life cycle.

What better time could there be to introduce another project from the AiQ Smart Clothing Design Contest in Taiwan, the Silver Wing Award winning Love Shirt designed by students at the National Taiwan University (NTU).

The Love Shirt which comes in a pair to show off it’s capability is designed to express the love of the wearer to another person at two levels: a visual and a tactile communication between the garments to express the affection between to love birds T-Shirts.

The visual indication is realized via an heart shape on the T-Shirt, each shirt has one half of the heart. When the two love birds come close the heart half’s on the shirts start to illuminate, increasing the intensity as the distance becomes shorter.

With the press on a button inside the Love Shirt, a tactile signal can be send to the other shirt, creating a sensual tickle via an integrated vibration module. The communication between the two shirts is done wireless.


Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Shu-Yi Hong the students Jerry Chen, YS Chang, Wen Hsiao, Willie Ding and art designer CY Yu (invited fromĀ  YunLin S&T University) design the Love Shirt concept as interaction clothing, clothing not only to react on the surrounding environment like temperature, light or sound but to interact with each other, clothing that communicates, shares information about the wearer.

No need to be concerned over privacy issues, the team envisions some provisions like unique ID to prevent our future T-Shirts to disclose our intimate secrets, it will only share information the wearer has specifically given permission.

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