DIY – Southpaw, measure distances with your hand

Southpaw-sonar-range-finder-gloveWe have reported about the Northpaw by Sensebridge, an anklet that indicates the direction via vibration. Today’s DIY project introduction called ‘Southpaw‘ could be seen as complementing the directional wearable assistant by adding a distance detecting functionality to a glove.

Southpaw by Instructables member south_paw has a sonar range finder and a small LCD screen integrated. Raise your smart glove hand and point it to an object you like to know the distance like standing on a cliff and wonder how deep the drop is, the Southpaw glove will tell you.

The conversion of the sonar range finder data into length values is done with a LilyPad Arduino Which needs to be also placed into the glove as well as the batteries. Sound complicated? Click over to the Instructables project page and you will find all information, the materials needed, Arduino code and the build process.

You might think squeezing everything into a glove is overkill, maybe but the techniques and the design concept is very interesting and can serve as building block for your own, distance reacting, technology enriched clothing project.

Judging on the many interactive glove projects we have seen so far, gloves in itself seems to trigger a lot of inspiration, maybe because we like to have something powerful, supernatural at/in our hands.

Thanks Lynne for the tip to this project.

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