DIY project: Soft-circuit LED Bracelet

DIY_LEDBracelet.jpgKeep it simple yet effective is the tag-line of the DIY project ‘Soft-circuit LED Bracelet‘ available for inspiration and do-it-yourself production by

The creator of the instructable, REACTIVEFashion, shows a quick and easy way how to make a sparkling fabric bracelet without the need of a solder iron.

The bracelet is build in a similar to the one we have seen from Leah Buechley. The difference is a simpler design to show how easy it can be to sew a circuit, connect power and some LEDs.

The switch is realized either via conductive Velcro or via snap buttons. Close the bracelet on your wrist and it starts it’s sparkle.

Each step is explained with text and images on how to sew the circuit and attach the other elements. The instruction includes a complete list of the required materials and where you can get them.

Formalwear.jpgAbout the creator of this DIY instruction: REACTIVEfashion is a cross-disciplinary collaborative project created by Angela Sheehan and Rebecca Grabman at Bennington College.

Those two creative ladies have more fabulous Wearable Electronic concepts on their Website, demonstrating the combination of physical computing and costume design.

The REACTIVEfashion concepts are a series of wearable computing art projects exploring the intersection of technology, clothing and performance.

My favorite is the Formalwear concept, costumes that interact with each other as they performer themselves interact. Another interesting concept is the Motorized Dress which is in terms of functionality along the lines of Hussein Chalayan’s transformer dresses.

Check out the complete list of projects from Angela Sheehan and Rebecca Grabman on their Website.


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  2. Hi,

    My name is Gary Trexler. I would like to sew LED bracelets. Do you have a kit with the directions, you can sell me, classes, etc.

    I am in Boise,Idaho. Thanks so much.


  3. Hi Eric,

    The link would not download? Would you be willing to send it again.

    If that does not work could you maybe spell the site out?

    Thanks so much for your help.


  4. Dear Eric,

    wow, wow, that really meets my needs for getting help right now.

    Perfect, Perfect.

    Thanks again for your help. I am grateful.


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