Valentine ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer

Looking for a unique and creative Valentine gift from the Smart Textile department? If your answer is yes keep on reading.

International Fashion Machines Valentine ElectroPUFF™ Lamp Dimmer and, for the creative folks, the Valentine ElectroPUFF™ Craft Kit give light switches a new meaning.


The ElectroPUFF™ Lamp Dimmer is a plush touch sensing light switch with extraordinary, sensual softness.

The switches are made from IFM’s patent pending electronic textile that magically senses your touch. Gently touch the ElectroPUFF™ and the light changes the intensity and creates a romantic atmosphere.

Like the entire ElectroPUFF collection, the Valentine ElectroPUFF™ Lamp Dimmer is a colorful and soft five-inch pompom that connects to any bedside or table lamp, and controls light levels with a simple tap.

The ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer makes switching lights fun and unique. They are handmade from recycled carpet yarns, designed to resist stains, dirt and bacteria. It has anti-microbial and stain resistant treatment and needs no cleaning.

Show your loved ones that you really care, order the Craft Kit for $27.50 and make your own ElectroPUFF™ Lamp Dimmer with the easy to follow included instructions.

If you are in a hurry, pick up the complete Dimmer for $32.99

This special Valentine ElectroPUFF Lamp Dimmer & Craft Kit is available for a limited time only, I guess until Valentines Day 😉 so better hop over and order now.

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