SmartMan – Smart Clothing technology

AiQ-Smart-ClothingA visionary company is aiming to provide the wearable technology sector a much need boost into the commercialization of interactive clothing by offering a wide range of ‘ready-to-wear’ wearable technologies for the apparel industry.

Taiwan based TexRay, a global player in the fabric and apparel business with subsidiaries in North America, Asia and Africa offers various wearable technology solutions under the brand name AiQ, a business unit specializing into smart clothing.

To demonstrate their capabilities AiQ created the SmartMan product line for their customers to visualize their solutions.

The wearable technology portfolio currently on offer include:

ThermoMan, a garment heating system to keep people warm during cold winter times and even includes heating elements for water sport suits.
NeonMan, textile illumination modules for safety clothing and as fashion style element.
SoundMan, soft, wearable sound system, creating the successor of Boombags to turn clothing into a sound docking station for iPod and MP3 player.
MusicMan, based on the AiQ SwitchMan fabric switch for a seamless integration of music controls into garments.
CameraMan, a video module for integration into clothing to capture the action moment of your life.
BioMan, textile sensors to pick up heartbeat and other biometric signals of interest for activity monitoring or medical aid.
SolarMan, flexible solar panels for seamless integration into clothing, jackets that charge up all the devices in the pockets.


A very ambitious and long list of technologies and concepts we have seen around but the remarkable fact is: all this comes from a company that has it’s roots in the textile and clothing business for a long time. TexRay/AiQ are experts when it comes to supply fabrics and to fabricate clothing.

AiQ aims to offer to clothing brands solutions to integrate functions and fun into fashion. We have seen many of these technologies in demonstrators but only a very view made it to commercial products. Let’s see how big of an impact a company like TexRay via their smart clothing brand AiQ will be on the technology enhanced clothing market.

My expectation is high, the signs look promising as this initiative is coming from a business sector which has been considered as too conservative, too slow to become actively involved into wearable technology.


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