DIY – Frogr eTextile adaptor for the LilyPad

Frogr-LilyPad-shieldeTextile designer will love the Frogr, a creation of Angella Mackey and David McCallum. The Frogr is an adapter – called shield in Arduino terminology – give a higher degree of flexibility when creating multiple designs which require the LilyPad.

The LilyPad has to be sewn onto the textile circuit to make good contact. Creating a range of designs, each requiring the LilyPad means you need to buy for each one a LilyPad which can quickly turn out as expensive creativity.

With the Frogr shield you can quickly interchange the LilyPad to other designs as it extends the LilyPad contacts to snap buttons. The counterpart of the snap buttons are at the end of the the conductive trace in you garment design, just waiting to be connected to the LilyPad/Frogr combo.


A nice design twist of the Frogr is the battery pouch below the LilyPad where you can slip in two 3V coin cell batteries – neat.

The Frogr can also become very handy when the same garment design could have different applications requiring different versions of software on the LilyPad. Just prepare two Frogr ready LiliPad modules with different software loaded and swap them out in no time during demonstration of the flexibility of your designs.

Check out the making-off the Frogr via Angella’s Flickr photo stream. The temple for the Frogr shield and stencil for the garment can be found on the Frogr project site.

A simple yet brilliant idea, something many eTextile creators have been waiting for to be invented.

[via: Fashioning Technology]


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