Workshop – Designing Hybrid Wearables

LilyPad_Arduino_set.jpg Designing Hybrid Wearables is an action-packed three day workshop organized by Mediamatic, Jean-Baptiste Labrune and Dana Gordon will look at clothes and jewelery and their potential as personal mobile platforms for social interaction.

Held between Feb. 19-21, 2008 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, this is one of the first workshops in Europe around the Lilypad Arduino from Leah Buechley, designed especially for use in wearables.

The workshop is about Wearables, merging what you wear with (communication) technology, the increasingly intimate fusion of digital and physical space. More and more object are being connected to networks, and become carriers, collectors, and transmitters of various kinds of data.

It will be investigated the electronic extrapolation of the role of clothing and fashion, transferring possibilities of communication devices to clothing, where they may find a more natural home.

A product we introduced a few days ago, the G-Cell glove from Swany shows that this merge of technology and function/fashion is already happening today.

This workshop will investigate for example clothes as media, social possibilities of RFID technology, new conductive materials, and more.

This workshop is targeted towards computer scientists, fashion designers, hardware hackers, art students, fabric experts, product developers or media-makers.

Because of the technical level of this workshop and the limited amount of time (3 days) it is important that the participants have the right skill sets: a basic understanding of electronics and / or relevant experience with design processes. When in doubt if you are fit to follow this action loaded workshop, please contact the organizer at and get their advice.

More details about the organization, location map and registration can be found by

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