Wearable electronic guardian angels

wearable-health-assistantThanks to constantly advancements in medical health care and our general knowledge about healthy lifestyle the percentage of older people increases rapidly around the world.

This group of people is in need of new types of products that do mostly not yet exist. One of these areas of need is particularly interesting for wearable technologies: the life enhancing and life saving wearable monitoring systems.

Having in this case thoroughly smart, sensing clothing has the very much desired benefit to conceal the fact these people need some monitoring of their body.

Incorporating sensor functions into different type of clothing enables 24/7 monitoring without compromising the lifestyle with with otherwise highly visible if not stationary, conventional monitoring systems.

The are countless initiatives sponsored by governments, communities, and other organization to speed up, to advance the research, development and testing of wearable health monitoring systems.

One of the leading Research Institutes in this field (and the wearable technology in a wider sense) is the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

Projects like senSAVE or the Personal health assistant are just some examples of their large list of wearable, medical technology developments.

While these and the many other projects we have posted about over the past years carry out highly promising groundwork for ‘wearable electronic guardian angels’ in form of smart clothing, the time it takes to actually see them on the market seems very, very long.

The world population of people reaching age 50+ is growing rapidly which should give a sense of urgency. Technological developments in this areas over the past years produced highly promising results but getting them into a product is painfully slow.

During discussions among the wearable electronic community I hear often the remark: ‘what will be the killer application for wearable technologies?’

I can see in the health monitoring and health care area plenty of opportunities for a killer application – killer in this sense as business opportunity.

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