Sessile – twinkling starlight handbag

Sessile-HandbagGrace Kim, a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, currently working as Interaction Designer for Yahoo! created a beautiful handbag with sensibly stylish light  animation, the Sessile Handbag.

The center stage is once again the LilyPad Arduino, a must have standard part for most if not all eTextile and soft technology designer.

A very sophisticated looking alternately fade in and out light  animation for the LEDs make or break such designs. Turning on and of light with it’s full intensity looks rather cheaply to most.

On the other hand, softly fading light give a more classy appearance. It’s a relatively small (technical) aspect of a design, but such detail can have a big (negative or positive) impact on the overall design acceptance.

The soft fade in and out effect radiates the look of sophistication, a visual effect like twinkling stars. In addition to the twinkle effect the Sessile Handbag is made of hand knitted, felted fabric with cotton ‘barnacles’ for structure and as style element.

The Sessile Handbag by Grace Kim is not the ‘typical’ DIY wearable electronic project we usually feature Saturday’s but it is such a beautiful example how to use and integrate electronics in clothing or accessory items in harmony, not making it look geeky or techie.


Another focus point it the lovely way how the LEDs are concealed into the bags style elements to give a magical, diffused light appearance.

It’s a wonderful and exceptional good looking example that shows the real potential of soft technology integrated into an object adding aesthetic value.

[via: Aniomagic]

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