Valentine’s Day gift – the Dynamic Love Shirt

8_bit_dynamic_life.gifIt’s February, the month of love and Valentine Day where gift giving is as important as love giving. ThinkGeek might have just the right Valentine’s Day gift for you, the Dynamic Love Life Shirt.

ThinkGeek calls it 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt which they derived from computer games where your life is typically indicated in bar form. As more bars you have as healthier, stronger, smarter you are (in the game) to match the challenges of life (in Cyberworld).

The Dynamic Life Shirt uses hearts to indicate your love energy level. As closer you come to another person with the same shirts functionality your (Love) energy level increases. Respectively, as further away you are from your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, … less love energy will be available to master the (love) life.

The technology behind is simple yet effective, a transmitter box carried by one person persons detects the proximity of any Life Shirt and sends the distance to the animated heart decal. As shorter the distance as more hearts will light up.

To make the Life Shirt work you need at least one transmitter and one 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt. Place the tranmitter anywhere, on another person or your beloved car for examble and the hearts on the Shirt will light up in full strength as closer you come to the object of your affection.

The animated heart decal is removable (with hook and loop fasteners) for washing. The battery pack is concealed in a small pocket sewn inside the shirt. The 8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt runs for hours off 3x AAA Batteries but the actual time will depend on how long and how close you are with your significant other.

Each shirt costs $ 24.99. The transmitter pack is not yet available, neither the cost of it. Check out ThinkGeek’s online shop for more details.

We hope that all components are in stock and in time for the big Valentine Day gift / hug giving.


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