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GER-Galvanic_Extimacy_ResponderFashion is emotional, any piece of clothing we buy is selected based on our emotions, feelings, likes and view of the world.

To elevate this emotional aspect of clothing Kristin Neidlinger, designer with focus on Sensory Computer Interface designed GER which stands for ‘Galvanic Extimacy Responder’ which in turn is the detection of emotional or stress level via the electrical conductivity changes on the human skin.

Galvanized Skin Response or ‘GSR’ sensors are used in lie detectors for example. If people are nervous or get exited their sweat secretion will increase and with it the conductivity of the sweaty skin surface increases.

Kristin is taking such sensors, integrating them into clothing and translate the skin resistance values in light patterns, illuminating parts of the clothing, visualizing the emotions of the wearer.

I love this kind of concept, the use of wearable technologies to create interaction between people and their clothing via a dynamic change of the clothing appearance based on ones emotion.


It’s the perfect merge of interactivity with our clothing. Unfortunately most, if not all, similar concept designs never make t to real products. I personally think emotional designs like this one would have a great appeal when commercialized.

Controlling the iPod from the sleeve might have it’s place and appeal but this is not everything wearable technologies can provide. GER and similar interactive clothing designs will/should be the next candidate to be elevated from concept to product design and realization.

I’m getting now too emotional with my suggestion? If yes, I would love to see my T-Shirt changing it’s color now.

[via: Faschioning Technology]

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