High Tech meets High Fashion – Computational Couture

seamlessv3.jpgThis Wednesday, January 30, fashionistas and techies will come together in Boston’s Museum of Science where SEAMLESS takes place, a fashion show that fuses cutting-edge style with the latest advances in technology.

20 selected, emerging designer teams from around the globe will send down the catwalk ‘computational couture’ that push the boundaries of wearable technology.

Models wearing interactive clothing will strut to live media performances by video artists Sosolimited and DJs Eddie O and Mike Uzzi of Zero G Sounds. Following the fashion show, the evening evolves into a living exhibition, where guests have an opportunity to view the featured designs up-close and meet the designers.

My personal favorite is the Sun Dress by Valérie La Montagne with Lynn Van Gastel, Patrice Coulombe and David Beaulieu (Montreal) which will be part of the fashion show.

SunDress.jpgThe Sun dress displays light in motion based on changes in the sun. The dress has a checkerboard of LEDs (light emitting diodes) integrated which will be set in motion based on UV and sun intensity readings.

The greater the intensity of the sun, the brighter the dress will glow, much like the sun itself. The more UV rays outside, the more the dress’ LEDs will flash, like a warning/danger sign.

Changing patterns of the fully addressable LEDs enable to graphically represent the rising and setting sun as well as the changing direction of the sunrays.

A fairytale like description of this truly interactive fashion dress. But it remains unreachable as this is a one-of-a-kind model and not up for sale like all the other dresses on this show.

Another interesting item on stage will be FRISSON, a temperature changing necklace created by Vincent Lecler for ESKI.

A complete list of featured designers and their designs is available at mos.org and at seamless.sigtronica.org.

If you have time and are around the Boston area drop by and check out the Computational Couture at Seamless v.3


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