Load the sun into your bag with Sunload Solar power bags

Sunload a Germany based company that puts sun in bags has already a nice range of different Solar bags starting from the Messenger models available in many different color combination to the Business bags and trolley up to the briefcase with solar panel.


But there is more coming out of Sunload as they announced new models including (from left to right) a Solar Shopper bag, a Solar Backpack in two sizes and the British Woodland made from Camouflage fabric from the British, Austrian and German army. No prices or availability date yet.


It seems that most if not all Solar bag producer take the environmental issue very serious and combine clean and renewable energy generation – the solar cells – and the use of recycled material for the bag.

Sunload’s bags start from $ 709.- (€ 479.-) for the basic bags up to $ 1,917.0 (€ 1,299.-) for the briefcase. You can order all Sunload products via their online store.

sunload_system.jpgBut this is not all Sunload has to offer. DIY enthusiasts can buy the Solar panel for $ 146.10 (€ 99.-) or a complete system containing the Solar Charger,cable and connectors and a Solar Panel for $ 500.- (€ 339.-)

The solar charger can be controlled by via a keypad with illuminated status display. The internal lithium-ion battery has a performance similar to laptop batteries (70Wh) and a capacity of 4.500mAh

Two USB connectors (5V) and one car-adaptor (12V) are available on the charger.

The Solar panel delivers ~6W, a voltage of ~16,7V and current of ~360mAh.

This systems allows everyone to create a very personal Solar charging bag without the need of any electronic knowledge. Just drop the solar panel and electronic into your favorite bag, get into the sun and off the power grid.


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