SKÔN – beautiful illuminated hoodie

Illuminated-hoodiePaula Kassenaar and Paula Segura Meccia, students at the Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland took on the challenge to develop over the course of just one week during a module for an ‘exploration into textiles and electronics’ given by the faculty at the Wearable Senses division by the teachers Michel Peeters and Carl Meegens.

The astonishing result is the Skôn which means beautiful in Dutch dialect, and in Swedish Skön means nice or beautiful, reflecting both ladies nationality.

Besides this creative name which accurately reflects the beauty of their creation, a hoodie with a light-up edge around the hood framing the face of the wearer, amplifying her beauty.

After one day of experimenting on an old 70’s mechanical Passap knitting machine the team came up with a knitted variable resistor which changes the resistance while toying around with the front part of the hoodie. In sync with the playful hoodie touch the hoodie seams change the light intensity.

Under the hood of this interactive garment is a Arduino mini. The knitted resistor is connected via a pull-up resistor to an analog-in pin of the Arduino.

A digital pin-out of the Arduino sends a PWM (Pulse-width modulation) via a transistor to introduce the 12V source for the LED strip concealed in the seam of the hood. If you are interested into the Arduino source code – Paula Kassenaar told me she can make it available online – just drop a note in our comments.

Gordon Tiemstra (camera)
Elien Vergeer (model)

Amazing what the duo has done in just one week, a very appealing style to demonstrate the possibilities technology enhanced fashion have to offer. Playful, emotional, sensual – sensational.

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