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email-counting_T-ShirtCatching up with wearable electronic news I came across the email counting T-Shirt made by¬† Chris Ball and his wife Madeline. It’s actually a DIY project we usually bring Saturdays but this one is so good – I can’t hold back that long.

This high tech T-Shirt will indicate in binary form via LEDs the number of received and unread emails in your inbox.

The T-Shirt receives the information of incoming and unread emails from an Android phone kept in the pocket.

Software running on the Android phone checks continuously for new emails and sends the information to the LilyPad via bluetooth. The LilyPad turns on the corresponding number of unread emails. Neat, simple – cool.

Sure there are ring tomes, buzzer and vibrators to alert of incoming messages and emails but hey – this one is hugely expandable, letting one alternate the outfit in response to your inbox.

We all claim to be connected all time – this T-Shirt just shows everyone how connected you are.

There is one catch with this email indication: it can only show unread emails up to 127. If you are very far behind in opening your emails you would need to extend this binary indication – just kidding.

Check out the project site of Chris and grab the source code for the Lilypad and Android phone and look at the video on how to stitch the LilyPad and LEDs together – it fairly simple.

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