Gesture control with MIT’s Glove Mouse

Glove-MouseWe are used to control almost every aspect of our physical world with our hands so it is no wonder that technology enhanced gloves have a great appeal among the creative, innovative minds.

Technology enhanced gloves bridge the gap between the physical, ‘real’ world with the imaginary, virtual world consisting of Bits and Bytes.

A first step of using intuitive gestures to control these Bytes was the introduction of Apple’s iPhone. In the meantime swiping, sliding and tapping has conquered the interface design of almost every new device coming to the market.

My expectation is this gesture control will sooner or later take over Keynote and Powerpoint presentation on wall screens, this sexy navigation style first seen in the movie Minority Report.

MIT students Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez, fascinated from hand control, developed a Glove Mouse version using wireless technology bringing gesture control to a larger, presentation scale setting.

Based on an electrical engineering project in 2009, they upgraded the glove interface with wireless transmitters enabling the wearer to zoom around a map application, like using a smartphone touchscreen without the screen.

The gestures are picked up via a Webcam which ‘sees’ the LEDs in the finger tips serving as location pointer. Micro switches in the finder tips represent the buttons on a computer mouse. Putting these signals together and feed wirelessly into a computer program and you have one of the most sexiest presentation controls at your finger tips – the future iGlove?

Noticeable is the cost for all the components required to put this Glove Mouse together: less than $100.- Visit the project site where you can find detail information, parts list, system drawing and source code.

Seeing all the rumors around electronic gadget makers to add wall projection functions to notebooks and smart-phones I can very well imagine that gesture control via a glove mouse could be the next big thing for the accessory market.

[via: PopSci]

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