Wiffinder – Wifi sniffing bags

WIFInder-bagsWe have covered Wifi sniffing T-Shirts, Sneakers and bags for a while and my biological radar is always going off when I see a new clothing or bag item that offers a Wifi network indicating feature.

Wifi signal indication and knowing the Wifi signal strength is almost as knowing there is breathable air around – which is nowadays not the case anymore everywhere that’s why air quality indicating clothing comes right after Wifi indicating clothing and bags.

It’s pure convenience to have such indication integrated on items we use all day almost all times especially when outside. there is no need to fire up the portable devices which cost a lot of limited battery power to find out there is no Wifi or a very weak signal.

Soyntec, a company dedicated to the Laptop Lifestyle is offering a range of WIFFINDER™ bags in various sizes, Retailing for around $360.- each.

Each style features an integrated Wifi indicator combined with a clock in a nice looking decal like style element of the face of the bag.

[via: Ubergizmo]

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