O’Neill H4 Fat Controller iPod Gloves

ONeill_H4_iPod_glove.jpgTo keep your precious fingers warm during snowboarding or other winter sport activities you need to look for good quality gloves.

To keep your iPod save and warm for best performance while snowboarding or other winter sports activities and want to control your tunes, you need to look for: O’Neill H4 Fat Controller iPod Gloves.

O’Neill Europe, the without question most active and consistent Wearable Electronic company around has, for the third year in a row, the iPod glove in their program.

It started in the 2005/06 season with the H2 iPod glove, and was part of the H3 Wearable Electronic range from O’Neill in 2006/07 season. The latest and greatest is the H4 Fat Controller iPod Gloves for the current 2007/08 season.


Based on Fibretronic‘s wireless Fat controller system, this latest model of the iPod glove is constructed from a combination of Oxford and stretch nylon with fine cow leather. On the interior, soft and comfortable insulation is delivered courtesy of Primaloft, while the Dryhand lining lives up to its name. The result is a seriously technical snow glove with a water resistance and breathability rating topping 3000/3000 m2/24hrs.

Being the latest and greatest, the H4 Fat Controller glove connects and works fine with 4th generation iPod classic, iPod Mini, iPod Photo, iPod Nano, iPod Video and up to the latest in the iPod family, the iPod Classic and iPod Touch.

As I mentioned at the top, if you care about warm fingers and your iPod you have the no choice, there is only one glove that fits both requirements.

To get a flavor on how it works, check out the YouTube video below:

The H4 Fat Controller iPod Glove can be yours for £99.- ($193.6) via this online store.


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